Tuesday 19 June 2012

Germans for Tunisia

I`ve started building a German force for Tunisia (Nov`42 - May`43), again this is a side-show campaign, but there are some excellent photographs showing captured US and allied vehicles being used against their former owners, modelling challanges, but well worth the effort.

A captured Morris Quad
(based on a photo from Leygat`s "Campagne de Tunisie")
The Morris is from Milicast, the figures are AB

Gepanzerter Mannschaftstransportwagen M3 401 (a) mitte 3.7 cm M 25 (f)

Pictured in Tunisia 1943, probably one of a number taken by 10th Panzer at Kesserine off the US 6th Armoured Infantry. This one has been up-gunned with a French 37mm CA/SMCA mle 1925 single AA gun.

I had to scratch build the gun and mount from the bits box as no-one makes one :mad:, the track is an old Fujimi model (at least 20yrs old), the crew are AB. (I`ve only seen photos of this gun as a naval mount, so assumed the Germans took it off a French ship, I`ve therefore decided to leave it ship grey with rough camo painted over by its new owners)

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