Monday, 18 June 2012

Recent games

My regular wargame opponents are my sons - Alex (14) and Chris (10), as I said earlier we play using my version of Charles Grant`s "Battle" rules where a rifle company is roughly 34 figures (3 x 10 men platoons + a small HQ).

I have a fondness for obscure periods and unfashionable armies, so for our most recent games I`ve been looking at Operation Torch the allied invasion of Vichy North Africa, which whilst over quite quickly pitted interesting French colonial units against green inexperianced US formations.

French armour moves north towards Tafarouri airfield
H39 (Skytrex), Laffly armoured cars (Raventhorpe), Berliet VUDB carrier (Early War Miniatures)
Ft17s (Matchbox & Red Star)

Vichy forces prepare to defend the telephone exchange/post office in St. Cloud

The complete scenarios with more photos and AARs can be found on the SOTCW forum here -

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