Tuesday 19 June 2012

Periods and armies

First off - I only game periods 1900 - 1960 (though I have some odd`n sods outside this), I also only generally game and model in 20mm (I happily mix 1/76th, 1/72nd and 20mm figures); though I have a small 28mm skirmish set-up.

My favourite wargames nation is undoubtedly - the French, at this time I can field forces from 1880 to 1960 in various forms and sized formations, by adding/subtracting bits my main colonial French army moves right through from the late C19th up to WWII.

French colonial Spahis cavalry
I`ve recently began a forey into the Mexican Revolution, this has proved a vibrant and colourful side-show project with loads of different factions to build.

Various Banditos

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