Wednesday 20 June 2012

Quad 13.2mm Anti-aircraft gun on CC60L

One of the most ambitious scratch-builds I`ve ever attempted.
As used by Fusiliers Marins in the desert.

Good close-up view of the naval mounting

My version, built around two of the excellent twin 13.2 Aa guns from Early War Miniatures

Further progress, with the gun now dry positioned on its truck (another superb Moonlite Modelwerks CC60L).
Crew from Combat Miniatures and Pascal Mahe with head-swops using Raventhorpe heads.

Finished guns

Complete model and crew
I decided to go for the traditional white Bachi (I rather liked the bright white and red pom-pom)


  1. That came out great — thanks for posting!

    I'm just starting work on my own Free French force. Googling about to find some info on this truck led me here. You have saved me a lot of planning work. Now to follow in your footsteps and do the work work. ^,^

  2. Now I just need to track down the MG components in 1/56 scale...

    Truck, crew, and hats I know where to find.