Wednesday 27 June 2012

Figures for Mexican Revolution era games in 20mm

Figures for Mexican Revolution era games

Someone over on TMP asked me what figures I was using in our game so I thought I`d do that as a post on here for everyone.

The bulk of my Banditos are Raventhorpe and Jacklex with some figures from Irregular Miniatures and some odd conversions.
Raventhorpe mounted Banditos
Scratch built 37mm Hotchkiss Pom-Pom auto cannon with crew (various plastics with a couple of head-swops)
Raventhorpe bandits on foot

Female Villaistas converted from SCW and WW2 resistance fighters
Jacklex `75 with crew and limber

More Jacklex including a Colt machine gun

For the Federal Forces, once again Raventhorpe come to the rescue with uniformed Federales, both foot and mounted and including a Hotchkiss machine gun. Raventhorpe also do an excellent range of separate heads and these can be used to expand your forces by pinching figures from their other ranges – British Northwest Frontier, WW1, French Foreign Legion, etc. I also added a few odd SCW figures (left over from another project) and the odd conversion.

Raventhorpe Federals
Airfix Horse Artillery limber with a HAT Krupp105
The Krupp 105 with a mixed plastic crew (minor conversions)

Federal cavalry converted from Warrior Miniatures and Irregular Miniatures figures mostly with Raventhorpe or Airfix (Confederate) heads.

Mexican Army Cadets, I wanted to add some colour so decided to build a unit of Army Cadets. After careful consideration of the uniforms, I went for Tumbling Dice early WW1 Germans in field cap.

Some minor conversions including this standard bearer (Flag by The Square)

German military advisors (a must for any Mexican game)

Col. von Bratwurst is an Airfix WW1 plastic, his aid a WW2 SS officer from SHQ, the squad are more Tumbling Dice early WW1 Germans

Pershing`s Yanks. The intervention forces from north of the border. Here Raventhorpe fall down badly having only a single mounted and foot trooper plus a single foot version of each too, not enough variety for even a platoon! For the bulk of my forces I chose Tumbling Dice WW1 Americans in Montana hat. I painted these up – infantry as 6th Infantry Regiment and cavalry as the negro 10th Cavalry. Later I`ve added more infantry from IT Miniatures (now available through Frontline) and yet more infantry and some cavalry from Jacklex. David Reasoner`s excellent Moonlite Modelwerks supplied the Yanks with a 2.95” howitzer (crewed by Tumbling Dice figures); Jacklex supplied a 77mm Erhardt gun with limber and crew and a Colt machine gun team.
Jacklex Colt MG
77mm Erhardt gun with limber and crew
10th cavalry (coloured) by Tumbling Dice
6th Infantry Regiment machine gun platoon
Moonlite 2.95” Vicker-Maxim with Tumbling Dice crew
10th cavalry on foot   

Raventhorpe (email for lists) -
Frontline Wargaming (IT Miniatures) -
Irregular Miniatures -
Tumbling Dice -
Warrior Miniatures -
Moonlite Modelwerks (email for lists) -


  1. Hi Richard-from Sydney, Australia- very much enjoy all Your postings on Mexican Revolution in 20mm - excellent work on Figures, Accessories and Terrain- absolutely fantastic- and very inspiring- found all that you have photographed and written about (with links)-all very-very helpful.Thankyou-and Best Wishes. KEV.

  2. Kev.

    That is very kind of you, this is my "fun" project :-)

  3. Yes- Richard - you have an enjoyable project, and a unique one- I have been involved with Gaming for over 30 years-on and off...have found your Mexican Revolution so inspiring that I intend to have a go at it myself in 20mm- 27 years ago I did Rorke's Drift (Zulu War) and managed to publish a book on Scratch Modelling ( the bulk of the books went to Terrence Wise of Athena Books in the UK) - Colonial Period -all to do with converting Esci Plastic Figures too...anyway- I look forward to trying to emulate your great achievement. Talk again Richard. Regards. KEV.

  4. Just a point for historical accuracy: a Mexican "Adelita" would have ever, never, wear trousers. That miniature is utterly and completely out of place.

    1. Well not to upset you but "Las Soldaderas - Women of the Mexican Revolution" by Elena Poniatowska has period photos taken by the famous Mexican photographer Agustin Victor Casasola which show Mexican women fighters in trousers, even in uniform! So I have to disagree with you :)

    2. I want people to post, ask questions and comment, but please in future have the curtesy of using your name, not just posting as unknown :)